Family School Community Partnership

Parents play a crucial role in their child’s educational journey.  They are their child’s first teacher and are indispensable partners once their child starts school  This fundamental truth underlies the mission and the work of the Family School Community Partnership of the PresaCommunity Center.

What is the Family School Community Partnership?

The goal of the Partnership is to increase student academic success by involving parents in unique and meaningful ways.

Funded by the United Way of San Antonio, the Family School Community Partnership is a collaboration with the Presa Community Center, San Antonio ISD and South San Antonio ISD.  The Partnership operates in 12 schools:  SAISD: Green Elementary, Herff Elementary, Highland Hills Elementary, Hillcrest Elementary, Riverside Park Elementary, Smith Elementary, Page Middle, Rogers Middle and Young Women’s Leadership Academy; SSAISD: Kindred Elementary, Palo Alto Elementary and Kazen Middle School.

How does the Family School Community Partnership achieve its goal?

The school and the family make an unbeatable team in supporting a child’s education.  We are there to help support that winning team.

We accomplish this in a variety of ways:

Parent Rooms: 

The Parent Room is a safe gathering place for parents who want to work to support the students and the school.  It provides parents a place to organize events, do work to help teachers, access resources and just connect to other parents, helping form a strong community.

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Equipping and Supporting Parent Leaders:

Parent leadership is at the heart of everything we do.  The Partnership provides ongoing training and mentoring for emerging parent leaders.  The training covers a wide variety of topics, including understanding how to help your child succeed academically, child development, adolescent development, sexual abuse awareness and prevention and other key topics identified by our parent leaders.

Family Nights:

In these tough economic times, it is difficult for families to find things they can do together without straining the family budget.  The Partnership provides fun, free activities for families, including Movie Nights, Game Nights and other fun events.  In addition, the Partnership, together with the school, hosts Family Nights focused on the academic success of children, including STAAR nights, Science Nights, Math Nights and Reading Nights.

Home Visits:

Our parent leaders are a crucial bridge between the school and the community.  Partnership leaders, after careful training and support, conduct parent-to-parent visits with others in the school community to learn about concerns and challenges as well as positive feedback.  We work closely with school leadership to develop solutions to challenges and support positive growth.

Holiday Food Bags: 

Because of the generous support of the United Way of San Antonio, the Family School Community Partnership is able to provide each student in every school with a 20 lb bag of food before the Christmas break.  This much needed resources help families make it through the holiday season.